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News About Updates
Armors now has their correct set up of base Stats. Accessorys for 70,30 and 15 are now correctly set up S-Lapis are ...
Server are down for Maint
Server are down for maint please check back for future notice in about 1-2 hrs
So many of you have been wondering where myself[Galaxy and other Gm's] have been well we have had alot going on in ...

Patch Notes

Small stuff ^^
07 Feb 2018
We have Finally Fix All the Sklills And got them just right Mage/Pagan Skills are all back and the Guards/Def Skills ...
Big Patch 01/29/2018
30 Jan 2018
Okay All First off Thank you all for waiting for this patch we Jammed Alot into one patch so im just gonna Explain all ...
30 Jan 2018


Bring a Friend Event!!! [Post-Poned /Canceled]
We are hosting a Bring a friend event for old and new players! Rules are as Followed: 1. Any one caught Trying to ...
7 days of Events! from December 18th-25th!!!
From MM! to Naked Pvp!!! WE got alot lined up!!! Free For All Map!!!  Huge Monster Maddness Naked ...
Mass MM Event!!!
After Maintenace  this week we will be doing an Big MM in captials followed by some Naked Pvp in WC!!!! be there ...

Server Information


   Shaiya Simply Episode 5.4
   EXP Rate: x300/x400 Weekends
   KILL Rate: x2
   Game Status: OPEN
   GRB Schedule: Every Saturday, 9PM
   OI Schedule: Saturday-Sunday-Monday
   NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv7
   FREE 30 Day's Consumables CRR, PID, EE
   PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting
   Only 3 people to create a guild!
   DDoS Protected Server

Top 3 Players

Top Charname Status Kills
1 Dubz Offline 1000000
2 Dubzz Offline 1000000
3 Pulse Offline 1000000

PvP Boss Timer

Boss Name Killed by Next Respawn in
Freezing Mirage Jolka In Spawn Time
Haruhion ParTy In Spawn Time
Kimuraku Jolka In Spawn Time
Greendieta Seraphim JHISPOT In Spawn Time
Dios Exiel majk In Spawn Time
Ales pajorge In Spawn Time
Secreta [LorD]-Virus In Spawn Time
Dentatus majk In Spawn Time
Lumen pajorge In Spawn Time
? ?? Scroll In Spawn Time
Idun Valdru Dubz In Spawn Time
Queen Vanus Nena In Spawn Time
Queen Kaizerin majk In Spawn Time
Cryptic Peri Queen [GM]YUI In Spawn Time
Cryptic Bulldozer [GM]YUI In Spawn Time
Fury Kirhiross majk In Spawn Time
Fierce Nantarios [GM]YUI In Spawn Time
Dlizabeth Eathory [GM]YUI In Spawn Time
Cannibal Hydra [GM]YUI In Spawn Time
Cryptic the Immortal [GM]Infinity In Spawn Time
Cryptic the Last [GM]YUI In Spawn Time
Fury Kirihiross [GM]YUI In Spawn Time
Cryptic the Last [GM]YUI In Spawn Time
Santa Troll jakesyljay In Spawn Time
Santa Troll Hika In Spawn Time

Chat Box

Chat Box